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Malabrigo Worsted Yarn


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Indulge in the luxurious softness of Malabrigo Worsted, a premium hand-dyed yarn famed for its supple and rich texture. Crafted from 100% Merino Wool, this Aran/Worsted weight yarn is perfect for a variety of knitting and crocheting projects.

  • Weight & Texture: Aran/Worsted, single ply, ensuring a smooth and even texture.
  • Color Options: From the subtle elegance of Simply Taupe to the vibrant Purple Mystery, choose from a wide range of exquisite colors.
  • Length & Care: Each skein is 210 yards long. Hand wash recommended for maintaining its beautiful texture and color integrity.
  • Versatility: Ideal for creating warm garments, cozy accessories, and striking home décor pieces.
  • Community Endorsed: A beloved choice within the knitting community, known for its durability and colorfastness.

Each skein is unique, hand-dyed with care and passion, ensuring a personal touch for your crafting journey.

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