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About Us

Our Story: Uncovering the Secrets Behind Our Success 

me.jpgA Museum Started My Hand Dyed Wool Adventure!

While living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, my family and I volunteered for over three years at a local living history museum and demonstrated the complete wool process in the 1750s log home.  My husband and I showed thousands how the wool yarn was hand spun in the house, made into a hand dyed yarn, and then ultimately made into garments.  I learned a tremendous amount about wool and fiber there.

Shortly after beginning work at the museum, I began selling my excess handspun yarn and hand-knit items in the store.  I even developed a hand dyed yarn line based on the colors of the museum.

  Fast forward ten years.  We now live in the hills of West Virginia and are on a quest to restart an old homestead.  I have taken what I learned in those early years at the museum and am expanding on it.

 You see, all the hand dyed yarn sales here are funding a unique project.  My goal is to build a cabin near the road to sell wool yarn and demonstrate spinning again.  I hope one day, we might even be able to own sheep!

Your purchases are a direct contribution to that dream.


I hope you enjoy looking through my shop.  Please, feel free to ask any questions.  I'm only a click away.

Each skein of hand dyed yarn is dyed by me. As a result of the hand-dyeing process, each skein will be slightly different, even if they are from the same dyepot.  I hand dye in batches of 3-5 skeins and recommend that you buy everything you need for a project at the same time. If I don't have enough in stock, message me.

 When using hand-dyed yarns with multiple colors in a project that requires more than one skein, I strongly recommend alternating skeins every other row of knitting to even out any color pooling that might occur.

The yarn comes from a clean, non-smoking home.

Where I work

Old abandoned homesteadWe are restoring a 19 acre homestead in the hills of West Virginia. We have demolished the uninhabitable house and are currently living in a camper.  During the summer months, I can be found happily hand dyeing wool in front of our camper. While my creative space is limited to an outdoor spot with a washtub, this is where I am able to dye up the array of beautiful colors you see in my shop. Unfortunately, due to the winter weather, I am unable to dye and have a more restricted selection. However, rest assured that when I acquire a permanent structure, there will be no limit to the vibrancy that can come alive within its walls - and I will certainly let you know as soon as it happens! 

Monitors Matter

Hand spun wool on a bobbin I capture images of my hand-spun and hand-dyed yarn to portray its vibrancy and texture. Furthermore, I do my best to accurately represent the fiber's softness and content for each yarn type. Please be mindful that computer monitors might not show colors as accurately as in person, but the beauty of this handcrafted process ensures each skein is delightfully one-of-a-kind.