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Studio Donegal Yarns

Studio Donegal Yarns: A Rich Legacy of Authentic Irish Knitting Excellence

Immerse yourself in the deep-rooted history of Studio Donegal yarns, a name synonymous with authentic Irish textile craftsmanship. Originating from the heart of Ireland, Studio Donegal began its journey in the realm of yarn-making in 1979. Formerly recognized under names like Kilcarra, this esteemed establishment seamlessly marries tradition with innovation to produce yarns that are both timeless and of unmatched quality.

Over the decades, Studio Donegal has continually refined its techniques, yet staying true to the original hand-weaving practices that put them on the global textile map. Each skein of Studio Donegal yarn is a testament to the brand's commitment to upholding the rich Irish textile legacy. For artisans, designers, and knitting and crochet enthusiasts alike, Studio Donegal yarns represent not just a material to work with, but a storied tradition, ensuring every creation holds a piece of Ireland's rich heritage.