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Malabrigo Book 13: Shawl Road


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Step into the colorful world of Malabrigo's Pattern Book #13: Shawl Road – A Journey with Hand-Painted Yarns!

Ready to embark on an adventure with your knitting needles? This book is your ticket to a journey filled with stunning shawl patterns tailor-made for those who love working with hand-painted yarns. Whether you're an intermediate knitter looking to expand your skills or an experienced pro seeking a new challenge, Shawl Road has something special for you.

Here's what makes this book a must-have:

**Inspiring Designs**: Get ready to be wowed by a range of captivating shawl patterns designed to keep your needles clicking!

**Vibrant Hand-Painted Yarns**: Try a variety of Malabrigo's hand-painted yarns, known for their brilliant colors and luxurious feel. Each skein tells its own story, adding depth and personality to your projects.

**Versatile Styles**: Whether you're into timeless classics or modern trends, Shawl Road has you covered. With a variety of styles to choose from, you'll find the perfect pattern to suit your taste and wardrobe.

**Clear Instructions**: Worried about tackling complex patterns? Fear not! Shawl Road provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through each step of the knitting process. Even if you're still honing your skills, you'll feel confident diving into these projects.

**Expert Tips**: Pick up insider tips and tricks sprinkled throughout the book, courtesy of seasoned knitters who know their stuff. These nuggets of wisdom will help you achieve professional-looking results with every project.

**Breathtaking Photography**: Let the stunning photography transport you to a world of knitting excitement. Each pattern is beautifully showcased, giving you a sneak peek of the finished product and igniting your imagination.

So, are you ready to hit the Shawl Road? Whether you're knitting for yourself or gifting to a fellow yarn enthusiast, this book promises hours of joy and satisfaction. Get your needles ready and prepare for an unforgettable knitting adventure!