Indulge in Luxurious Hand-Dyed Brown Wool Yarn • worsted weight knitting yarn

Forever Winding Wool

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Transform your project into a masterpiece with this hand-dyed brown, worsted wool yarn. Durable and versatile for your warm and cozy project needs.

Luxuriously Soft Brown Wool Yarn-
Transform your next project into a masterpiece with our hand-dyed worsted weight wool yarn. With a rich brown color, this yarn is the perfect choice for all your fall and winter projects.

Hand-Dyed with Care-Each skein is carefully hand-dyed to bring out the unique beauty of the yarn. With expert precision, our artisans craft each skein to ensure that every stitch is consistent and the color is even throughout.

Versatile and Durable-Our hand dyed worsted weight wool yarn is soft, luxurious, versatile, and durable. It's perfect for creating warm and cozy hats, scarves, and mittens but can also be used for blankets, shawls, and more! With its worsted weight, this yarn is excellent for almost any project you have in mind.

Sustainably Sourced-Our wool yarn is responsibly sourced from humanely treated sheep and produced sustainably. When you choose our brown hand-dyed worsted weight wool yarn, you're making a choice that's good for you, your project, and the planet.

Worsted weight
With size 7 US (4.5mm)needle, 18 sts equal 3 1/2 inches(9.5cm)
218+ yards (199.33+ meters)
Machine washable on gentle lay to dry.

A velvety soft yarn for your finest projects.
This brown hand dyed merino superwash wool yarn is a unique color, like coffee, with a touch of cream—a perfect shade for those needing a neutral color. Super soft, this wool will please the very pickiest of recipients! Suitable for men as well as women.

Kettle dyed, so it has variations of the same colors. No two hanks will be the same, but they will be similar. :-)