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Donegal Aran Tweed

Authentic Donegal Aran yarn, spun with traditional Irish excellence, will be arriving soon!

Donegal Aran Tweed by Studio Donegal: A Timeless Yarn Crafted in Tradition

Dive into the world of authentic Irish yarn with Donegal Aran Tweed crafted meticulously by Studio Donegal. Formerly known as Kilcarra, Studio Donegal has a storied tradition of spinning the finest quality Aran Tweed, renowned for its distinctive flecks and beautiful blend of colors. Sourced from the heart of Donegal, this yarn encapsulates the rich heritage of Ireland, ensuring every knitwear masterpiece tells a story of timeless craft and unparalleled quality.

Whether you're looking to knit cozy sweaters, timeless scarves, or intricate patterns, Donegal Aran Tweed stands as the premier choice for those who value tradition and quality. Each skein holds a promise of durability, warmth, and a unique texture that only genuine Aran Tweed from Studio Donegal can offer. Elevate your knitting projects with a yarn that has been cherished for generations, and continues to be a testament to Ireland's rich textile legacy.