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Malabrigo Pattern Book #9 - Niños: A Collection of Kids’ Knitwear Designs


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Malabrigo Pattern Book #9 - Niños: A Collection of Kids’ Knitwear Designs

Discover a world of cozy and adorable knitwear for your little ones with Malabrigo Pattern Book #9 - Niños! This delightful collection features 21 charming patterns designed for children aged 2 to 12. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Cute Dresses and Tunics: Whether it’s a special occasion or everyday playtime, these dresses and tunics will keep your kids looking stylish and feeling comfortable.

  2. Snowflake-Inspired Designs: Embrace the winter wonderland with snowflake motifs and wintry textures. These patterns are perfect for chilly days and holiday festivities.

  3. Cute Hats and Vests: Keep those little heads warm with adorable hats, and layer up with cozy vests. The designs are both practical and fashionable.

  4. Hoodies and Sweaters: From playful hoodies to classic sweaters, your kids will be snug and fashionable. Malabrigo yarns like Arroyo, Rios, Mecha, Chunky, and Rasta bring these designs to life.

Malabrigo Book #9 - Niños is a fresh and inspiring collection that invites you to create knitwear that you’d want to wear yourself. Get ready to cast on and make memories with your little ones!