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Hand Spun Wool Yarn in Mossy Green, Barn Red, and Gold (143 yards) Variegated

Forever Winding Wool

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Rustic Charm: Hand Spun Yarn in Mossy Green, Barn Red, and Gold | 143 yards

Are you a fan of unique and colorful yarns? Any item made with our hand spun wool yarn in mossy green, barn red, and gold is sure to catch your eye. Made with high-quality wool, this yarn is perfect for all your knitting and crochet projects. 

Hand-spun Artistry- Our hand spun wool yarn in mossy green, barn red, and gold is a true work of art. Each skein is hand spun by me, creating a unique texture and look that is impossible to replicate. The irregularities in the yarn give it a rustic charm, perfect for adding a touch of handmade to any project. This yarn is not only beautiful but also soft and durable, making it perfect for accessories like hats, mittens, and scarves.

Unique Color Combination- The combination of mossy green, barn red, and gold in this hand spun wool yarn is a showstopper. The earthy green pairs perfectly with the warm tones of the red and gold, creating a colorway that is both bold and natural. The colors are rich and deep, and the way they blend together creates a truly unique effect. 

And because our yarn is hand spun, it requires less energy to produce than machine-spun yarns. When you choose our hand spun wool yarn, you're not only getting a beautiful product but also supporting sustainable and ethical practices.