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Eucalan wool wash concentrate

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Did you know Eucalan, infused with lanolin, leaves your wool items softer?

Eucalan Wool Wash is the perfect choice to wash all that dust from the manufacturing process from the wool once you finish your project. This gentle, non-toxic formula is designed to clean and condition wool without harsh chemicals or fragrances. The natural lanolin in the wash helps to protect and extend the life of your wool items, while the pH-neutral formula won't damage delicate fibers. The easy-to-use formula can be used in the washing machine and by hand and is suitable for all woolens, including delicate items like cashmere and baby clothes. With Eucalan Wool Wash, you can keep your wool items looking and feeling new for years.

Many times, people struggle with what to wash their finished items in.  Do NOT use Woolite!  It is made for delicate manufactured fabrics but not for wool!  I know; why would they even name it that right?

I provide Eucalan wool wash for those who want a product they don't have to rinse, leaving a wonderful scent (or not if you want unscented!).

Available in Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Lavender, Natural (unscented), and Wrapture scents.

Choose your favorite scent in two handy sizes.
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