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Handmade Wooden Knitting Needles: Unique, Painted & Decorative Set

Peace Fleece

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Crafted with care, our handmade wooden knitting needles bring an extra level of creativity to any knitting project. Purchase one, two, or a whole set (when available).  Each needle showcases the beauty of hand craftsmanship, made from the finest birch wood (I believe they are WAY better than bamboo!) and decorated with distinctive, hand-painted designs. These needles are more than just tools; they're a statement of your personal style and functionality, offering a smooth, enjoyable experience for knitters of all skill levels.

The charm of our set lies in its details—the individuality of each painted needle makes your crafting tools as remarkable as the creations they help bring to life. Ideal for both personal indulgence and as thoughtful gifts, these needles are a celebration of bespoke craftsmanship, designed to enrich your knitting with every stitch.

Whether you're starting a new project or putting the finishing touches on a handmade gift, these handmade wooden knitting needles ensure that your project makes you smile. 

 Sizes are marked  on balls on the top in US measurements.

The hand-painted knitting needles pictured here may not be the same you receive, but it will be similar. Beautifully hand painted, each knitting needle is unique, and when available, each set is unique as well. They will make you smile every time you pick them up.

You will love the reaction of your knitting buddies when they spot these. I mean, how special is it to have one of a kind, hand painted knitting needles? Obviously, very special!

**Beautifully hand painted by artists in Russia. Not only is each knitting needle unique, but remember, each set will be unique. I am sorry, but I cannot allow personal choices of knitting needle tops.

Here is what some customers are saying out these knitting needles:

THANK YOU! These needles are lovely. I will be casting on a new project with them tonight. I can't wait. I am very pleased with this transaction. Shipping was immediate...I will be back to your shop in the near future.

Beautiful! Love them - great quality - thank you!

Very beautiful knitting needles