I love the different color options available with Peace Fleece.  Many of them I would never think of, but then a thunder bold of realization hits while I'm putting a customers order together, "these colors look fantastic together!"

Below will be a gallery of colors I think are especially noteworthy, all put together by my creative customers!

Laurens Coral, Sheplova Mushroom, Lily pad & Blue Jay

Laurens Coral, Blue Jay, Lily Pad, Sheplova Mushroom

Antarctic White, Ancient Fern, Sheplova Mushroom, Ukrainian Red, Hemlock

Peace Fleece Amaranth

Peace Fleece Phoebe, Amaranth

Peace Fleece Sheplova, Patience Blue, Phoebe

Patience Blue, Sheplova Mushroom, Phoebe

Peace Fleece Indigo Smoke, Phoebe, Highland Adobe

Indigo Smoke, Adobe & Phoebe