You've decided to step into a (to you) higher class of yarn.  But the way they have the yarn thingies are not normal.  I mean, you don't just pull from the middle of the skein like normal.  How should I do this?

These are called hanks.  They are not ready to work with when you get them, and they take a bit of extra time, but they're worth it.

The first thing you'll notice is that everything is all twisted on itself (THAT'S what makes it look so cool!).  Push that end back through the end loop  and suddenly things will come all untwisted and you'll be looking at a huge loop of yarn.

Place that loop over your knees and untye the end.  If your yarn is hand dyed, you'll have a couple more securing strands to untie or carefully clip.

Now, enlist some help.  You don't have to, but I've found it's easier AND more fun!  Have them hold out their hands (robot style) and place that loop on the fingers.  Tuck the tail you're not winding up under the yarn.   Now begin to wind that loop into a ball!  Start by wrapping the yarn around your fingers about 5-6 times, slip that off, then double it.  Now begin winding your yarn around that.

I love the old fashioned slowness.  Buying yarn in hanks makes me take notice of every bit of the yarn before I actually knit or crochet it up.  I see how many knots are in it, pick out any vegetable matter and generally admire the way it feels.

If you haven't bought any yarn that is in a hank, don't be afraid of it, try it!  I think you'll find that you'll have fun winding it up in a ball.