My mother helped me to see value and beauty in handmade items.  I'm certain that my first attemps at my hand crocheted items were laughable and probably not very beautiful to others, but she never once laughed at my attempts to crochet a halter top (remember those??) for my barbie or make a baby doll blanket with her leftover yarn.  My passion for knitting and crocheting emerged from this awareness of beauty in my handmade items and the ability to create something uniquely mine.   I soon realized the more mechanical, factory made and computereized the things became around me became, the more I yearned to created items of beauty from my own heart and hands.  Giving yourself time and permission to learn a "slow" craft is a wonderful, satisfying gift, as well as a benefit to others who receive your hand knit or hand crocheted items.

It is my desire that this blog will encourage you to see the final project you work up with wool or acrylic yarn as something very valuable, regardless of your skill level.