I'm Forever Winding Wool...

The first time I saw a hank of worsted weight wool yarn I was in love.  I loved the curves, the old-fashionedness of it.  And I had to have it!

After I brought the wool home, I studied it.  I had only used the big box stores acrylic yarn until then, so how do I get it so I can knit this up?  This is definitely  going to be different. 

Unwinding the hank into a loop, I immediately noticed the yarn had a different feel and smell than the yarns I used before.  So, that must be what wool yarn is supposed to smell like!   I enlisted my husband to hold the loop, and I commenced to roll it into a ball.  We had SO much fun!   Ever since, I've been enthralled with any wool yarn, but especially ones in hanks.

  Soon I found that there are literally hundreds of different breeds and with each breed comes a different benefit.  I would be learning about wool for a very long time!   My love of the uniqueness of wool made it easy for me to take the next step into selling any commercial wool yarn that held that rustic charm I loved.  I was hooked (excuse the pun!).  Now I sell, knit, and crochet exclusively with wool, hand dye wool, and I hand spin it as well.

I've found that knitters, and crocheters are givers.  They love giving of themselves (sometimes they give TO themselves!).  Whether you believe it or not, there truly is something special about having a hand knit or crocheted item created by YOU.   The finished project you hold in your hands is a rare gift of time and skill, which only you could give.  You have given a bit of yourself during every moment you've been creating.  The final project doesn't just warm the body, but also warms the heart and creates happiness...yours and theirs.

Don't pursue happiness, create it!

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